First of all, a happy belated International Lefthanders’ Day to all my fellow lefties!


It’s a privilege and an honor to be among all you independent and imaginative thinkers! 😉


My laptop died last week; it went to silicon heaven to meet all the computers that have passed. It will meet all the old VIC-20s, C64s, Ataris, TRS-80s, Apple IIs, Sinclairs, and all the other obsoleted computers that have come and gone. They all now reside in the necropolis of broken keyboards, cracked screens, burnt-out batteries, old motherboards, and power-less power supplies.




I could be cynical. But I won’t. At least in this area of my life. I did save all the data from the old laptop onto an external hard drive. And I really wanted a newer laptop.


So I  placed an order on E-Bay for another, newer laptop, with more memory.

(yes, I’m a geek!)


I should receive it next week.


Shopping for a Pair of Jeans


I had developed a hole in my blue jeans. Not exactly a priority, but last Saturday I cycled to the local swap meet to buy a new pair.


Well, I tried several of them that looked like they would fit, and even tried a few that I knew were too wide for me, just to check out the color and material that were not available in smaller sizes.


And none of them fit. They were too wide, too tall, too hot, or had too many holes. Not to mention all the bad choices in color (think orange blue jeans – doesn’t even make sense!)



I supposed this could be a metaphor. You see, I’ve never been part of mainstream society. I’ve tried, and tried, to fit in. It’s just because I am different, way different. Out of step with the rest of humanity.


Let’s start with gender and gender roles. I am a male. I skinny and slender one at that too. Size 30-32 in pants sizes. You won’t too much girth around my waistline. And don’t go looking for big muscles, either. You won’t find any. I do work out, but the exercises seem to keep me a skinny person (with sore muscles).


A typical (or perhaps more accurately, a stereotypical) male smokes, drinks, plays contact sports (even more if it is a team event), swears, cusses, and defines a seven course meal as a fried chicken with a six pack of beer.


I’m not that type of male.


Instead I would rather run, swim, type on my laptop, play board games, and eat ice cream. Not exactly a typical male, I would say (oh, dear, I’m starting to sound like Yoda again!)


I am also left handed. Not just a lefty, but very lefty. Most lefties do occasionally use their right arm for minor things. I don’t.


Right-handers, you don’t know how fortunate you are! Lefties are not allowed to play polo (too dangerous), martial art classes always, always use a right-handed stance. Slot machines, voting machines, most scissors, writing books, writing utensils, and coffee cups are made with right-handers in mind.

And every single computer I’ve used at work and school, and at the library are set-up for right-handers. I physically have to change the mouse and occasionally the monitor so I can use the computers.


I like go to barefooted and even can run barefooted. Unusual, perhaps. But I’ve gotten ugly stares and comment from podophobes.


Like, “Please cover your feet – they look ugly to me”. Of course, I could always say, “If I cover my feet, will you cover your head?” But I’m a nice guy so I don’t make too many rude comments.


Or, “I can see your toes”. And I’ve been tempted to reply with, “Great you know what toes are. Can you count to 10 as well?” But again, I’m a nice guy so I don’t make too many rude comments.


I don’t follow a religion. I prefer to place a person over a god and people over a pantheon. So, even if a god was to tell me to strike a person, I would decline his (or is it her?) authority. How many people would actually think about this?


I am reasonably (ok, very!!) intelligent. I like to play chess (I’m fairly good at it), Scrabble (I’m only pretty good at it), read literature, and actually like to talk about a number of fascinating things; like the brain, politics, religion (s), morality, war, history, psychology, etymology, and why the Classical Version of the Nimzo-Indian is not played more often.


But far too often, most conversations are not anywhere close to that level. Instead people my age want to talk about the Kardashians or other trivial time-wasting topics. I am willing to settle for Star Trek, or themes and symbolisms in movies, pop music, or novels. I am even willing to listen to a new lawyer joke (I’m not a lawyer, but I have several friends who are, and they tell good ones!)


So what to do?


This Saturday I will again look for a pair blue jeans at the swap meet.

Why, Why, Why


Just having some fun. And Y not!


Y, Y, Y


ANTISYZYGY [n. The joining together of opposites]
HYDROXYMETHYL [n. A methyl with hydroxide replacing the hydrogen atoms]
HYPOGYNY [n. The condition of having flowers with organs located below the ovary]
HYPOHYPOPHYSISM (+S) [n. Abnormally reduced activity of the pituitary gland]
POLYDACTYLY [n. The condition of having extra fingers or toes]
POLYGYNY [n. The condition of having more than one wife at the same time]
POLYONYMY [n. Having, or known by, several or many names]
SYNDACTYLY [n. (1) Partial or total webbing connecting two or more fingers or toes, (2) The condition of having two or more fused fingers or toes]
SYZYGY (SYZYGIES) [n. The straight line or opposition of three astronomical objects; adj. Describing such an arrangement]

Who Wears the Hat?


I’ve mainly stayed away from politics from this blog. I’m a nice guy.


But there are times when my sense of sanity, righteousness, fairness, or humor gets the best of me.


The photo at the bottom is a good representation of how I feel about the man occupying the house found at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (or perhaps more precisely, the one who should be occupying it).


This photo also reminds me of the line found in Shakespeare’s Henry IV (Part 2, Act 3, Scene 1, if you are interested).


“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”


Sometimes this quote is misquoted as, “Heavy the Head That Wears The Crown”.

I like this one better.


So now let’s get to the photo.



Some people can handle power and responsibility with grace, dignity, and intelligence.


Some cannot.

A Brief Period of Time




This past week was an emotional roller coaster. And I don’t mean I traveled to an amusement park. It was an internal, very emotional week. And one of relief.


First of all, I am part French. Maybe there are only a few Franco drops in my blood, but they are there. So I am quite happy that France won the World Cup. I should also mention if Mexico, Spain, or the US should have won, I would have been happy as well, as I share the genes of a Spaniard, a Mexican, and I was born here in the US. So I can claim victory from four different countries. Ah, the luxury of a mixed breed! 😉


Just in case this slipped by you, today is National Ice Cream Day. I celebrated appropriately. Ice cream – is there anything better that a soft, creamy, cold delight on a summer day?


Now for the final chapter in my cancer treatment. I went to my final colonoscopy on Tuesday. All the little boxes in the report were checked OK. Yeah!!! My cancer treatment start with this uncomfortable and invasive exam (I know it’s necessary!) and ended with the same procedure.


I got home about 1 PM and thought I was going to be able to get at least a few hours on my laptop. I have to mention that many good plans go to the wayside due to reality. Which was the anesthesia was still in my system and I took a long nap.


When it came out of my napping session I was able to a few things. But the big surprise was when I was finally getting ready for the night to sleep my usual six hours.


I started to think about the past 13 months. The cancer cost me lots of money. Which I know I can make it up. But the evil also cost me a year where I could not travel, or go the park or beach as much as I wanted, or do my regular running, even go out on a date. I didn’t have the energy or desire or aptitude to do so. A year of my life, gone forever! I can’t make that time up! Life is too short by any standard. Why this ugly thing shortened even it more??


My friends tell me I’m lucky. I know that. But emotions don’t always agree or follow reality. Anyway, I wept in bed. And let myself cry until my body felt satisfied


And in the morning, I woke up. Afresh and alive. I am looking forward to Knott’s Berry Farm later this month. And I’m taking a friend.



It’s Magic!


Since I was a little boy I’ve always enjoyed a good magic show.


I remember seeing the Doug Henning and his mystical magic on TV and just wondering how it was all done.


I’ve seen Penn and Teller in Las Vegas. I supposedly still have the used the ticket somewhere in my place. But it too was magical – it has disappeared.


James Randi, who I have met in person, is simply incredible; even when you know how the trick is (probably) done, you can’t see the solution.


And that applies to most stage magicians. Some of them are strictly professional, some are comical, some work with a partner, some add spiritual elements, some dress up in costumes, and some even act out a story.

It is simply a wonder to watch these illusionists perform on stage.




I’ve tried my hand at close-up magic, but beyond a few card tricks, I’m an unmitigated failure at it.


It’s a problem with coordination; my fingers are rebellious – they don’t always do what my brain tells them to do.


But I still love to watch magic.


Recently I found a video on YouTube. I had found it earlier but like my used ticket for Penn and Teller, it too had disappeared.


OK, I made a link now so I don’t have to worry about finding the video again.


Anyway, the video stars Penn and Teller (yeah, you probably guessed that!) and a young magician trying to fool them. It is funny and shows a new persona a future magician might adapt.


Here is the link: