Some of my friends value wines. This list partially due to them. But do we really NEED all these words that could mean all the same thing?


ENOLOGY (ENOLOGIES) [n. The study of wine and of wine making; Same as OENOLOGY]

OENOLOGY (OENOLOGIES) [n. The study of wine and of wine making]

OINOLOGY (OINOLOGIES) [n. The study of wine and of wine making; Same as OENOLOGY]

VINICULTURE (+S) [n. The cultivation of grapes and grape vines]

ZYMURGY (ZYMURGIES) [n. The study or science of fermentation]



ryanlerch-wine-and-cheese-1-2400px_a copy


I didn’t get what I wanted …


…but something better.


I originally wanted to capture the eclipse today. A traditional photo of the black circular thing partially blocking a large yellow circular thing.


However, some white clouds partially covered both circular things. The result was a large, white, and wonderful glow in the sky. I didn’t need Photoshop to create the effect. The raw image was that good.


I didn’t get what I was looking for, but something more.






Like it? I did! =)

Weekday Wednesday Word Wiz




As long as I can remember I’ve had interest, or perhaps even a passion, for words and playing with them. Anagrams, palindromes, acronyms, anadromes, oxymorons, puns, eponyms were all fair game. I observed how many words could be made a little more interesting and colorful with just the right amount of play.


For example, the word PUN has been defined as “a play on words”. I’ve always wondered why people just don’t use the acronym, POW (Play On Words). It definitely adds a little power to the word.


I‘ve created a few (many?) lists of words over my life. The following is a list of wordy questions that I’ve found to be extremely difficult, but surprising easy to solve if you know the answers.


Try your luck here. If you get 50% or more, you are doing great!!


1) What word changes in pronunciation and meaning when the first letter is capitalized?


2) What word gets shorter when two letters are added?


3) How many words contain only vowels?


4) What US state has the letters USA in it?


5) What US states have the letters NEW in them?


6) What nation’s current capital city is an anagram of the former capital?


7) What six letter words have only two unique letters?


8) What words contain 4 U’s?


Answers can be found here —> Words_Answers



Amazing Feat in Race


In October (2016) I ran in a 5K race in Whittier (it’s in LA county if you need to ask). I did well in the race but I was obviously tired.


Last month my sister found a video of that race that was produced by the sponsors. Guess they didn’t tell us runners about it.


But we did find it. And I did like for at least two reasons. One is the music and video is a good, uplifting, production of the 5K, and the other is that I am on it!! =) (see 2:50).


And if you have enough time, watch the whole thing. =)


Here is the link to Whittier Spooktacular 5K race.



I do like Halloween! =)

A closely guarded, only semi-public, secret


There is something that I like very much. It’s not exactly a deeply held secret but I don’t often share it. So I thought I would share it here.


Here is one photo.


20170729_120355_A copy


You might think what I have share is about large teddy bears. But if you look closer at the bear, you’ll notice an apron on him. And on that apron it says, “Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory”.


Now I have nothing against large teddy bears. In fact, I do like them. But this blog post is about, you guessed it; CHOCOLATE. Yummy and sweet. Good for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, the holidays, and your birthday.


And while we are still viewing the image of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory mascot, may I recommend the mint chocolate truffle?



Obviously, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is not the only place that sells chocolate ready to eat. Amusement parks sell them as well. Here is one from Knott’s Berry Farm, which I visited earlier this year.




I have to go back. If for nothing else but their chocolate and water rides. Which reminds me, I have a season pass! =)


Chocolate is also available in a powdered form. Good for winter and nights when you just want to see a home movie.


20170730_145957_A1 copy


And then there Kisses. I do like Kisses. 😉


HersheyKisses_A copy


From the Archives


For years I have been collecting bits and pieces from newspapers, birthday cards, flyers, business cards, and anything else that catches my fancy.


Sometimes I‘ve able to reuse an idea or a layout. But most of the time such clippings are placed in folders labeled; “Archival”, “TBD”, or ”An Idea that is Yet to Come”.


So here are a few interesting clip from the Archives.



I am fond of brightly colored images of nature. Here is a recent get-well card.

Card_Hummingbird 001_A copy



I remember labeling this tidbit, “The poor guy who could help with the National Debt.” This clipping is from a Steve Harvey article in the LA Times, dated July 11, 2001.

Steve_Harvey 001_A copy


A few years ago I was in San Diego. An artist there was giving away his business card. It was great design. I made the design even better with Photoshop and morphed the card into a bookmark. Just me having some fun. 😉

002 001_A copy


My friend tried to get me into surfing. Didn’t work – I kept falling off the board. But I did have fun. From approximately 1995.




I still like the quote, “Life is a journey; designation unknown.”



Cat Humor



Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle?
Too many cheetahs.

Did you hear about the cat who accidently swallowed a ball of wool?
She had mittens.

Why is the cat so grouchy?
Because he’s in a bad mewd.

What do cats like to eat for breakfast?
Mice Krispies.

Why did the cat run from the tree?
Because it was afraid of the bark!

How do cats end a fight?
They hiss and make up.

What does a cat like to eat on a hot day?
A mice cream cone.

What do you call a cat that lives in an igloo?
An eskimew!

Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool?
She had mittens.

What is the name of an unauthorized autobiography of the cat?
Hiss and Tell.

What is a moggy’s favourite color?

What do you use to comb a cat?
A catacomb.

Why is it so hard for a leopard to hide?
Because he’s always spotted.

What is a cat’s way of keeping law & order?
Claw Enforcement.

What do you call the cat that was caught by the police?
The purrpatrator.

What do cats like to put on their potatoes?
Catsup, of course!

Sorry for the puns – I was just kitt’en.




How many cats can you put into an empty box?
Only one. After that, the box isn’t empty.

If lights run on electricity and cars run on gas, what do cats run on?
Their paws.

What is the difference between a cat and a comma?
One has the paws before the claws and the other has the clause before the pause.

How did a cat take first prize at the bird show?
He just jumped up to the cage, reached in, and took it.

Cats are like potato chips.
You can never have just one.

I got rid of my husband.
The cat was allergic.

Have you ever seen a catfish?
No. How did he hold the rod and reel?

What did the 500 pound mouse say to the cat?
Here kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty.




Maria visits Mike and is amazed to find him playing chess with his cat. She watches the game in astonishment for a while.

Finally she says, “Wow! You’ve got a smart cat”.

Rob replies, “Nah, he’s not so smart. I’ve beaten him twice already.

Maria, “I should hope so! How many games have you played?”

Mike, “Twenty”.









2017_Cat 001_a copy