Of Bananas and Bikinis


I play both Scrabble and Words With Friends (WWF) and usually do quite well in both games. I look to play on bonus squares and maintain my rack to (possibly) score Bingos (a bonus of 50 points in Scrabble, 35 points in WWF).

But recently I must have gotten the Scrabble Gods (SGs) mad at me, for some unknown transgression. Over the last two weeks I’ve had lots of vowels on my rack no matter what I did. I had a rack of 4 A’s and another one of 4 I’s.

Now I don’t know what I did wrong to deserve such punishment. Did I misspell a word on the board? Make up a non-existent word? Ended a sentence with a proposition?

Whatever, I did, I am sorry oh SGs! What shall I do for penance? Write out 50 irregular verbs and their proper conjugations?

Fortunately, I had previous taken the precaution of creating a list of words that have many A’s and another list for multiple I’s.

So I could use the word BANANA (or ANAGRAM, JACANA, PARAGRAPH, etc.) for my A’s and the word BIKINI (or ABILITIES, DIMINISHING, or NIHILISM, etc.) Now, just what did you think I meant about Bananas and Bikinis??

Anyway, I wasn’t even able to play those words or anything else worth more than five points.

OK, skipping a turn is not always the best play (you score zero for the turn). But sometimes it is necessary. And this was a time to trade in some tiles!

I put my vowels face down on the table, shook the bag and drew some replacements for the tiles I was trading. It was only when I placed the faced-down tiles back into the bag did I look at my new tiles.

Yup, you guessed it. More vowels. In the case of my A’s, they all turned into O’s. In the case of my three I’s, I got an A, O, and a U. Not too much you can do with those letters, unless you are able to spell OOLOGY [The study of bird eggs] or UPALONG [A location away from person or location] or other non-common words.

I’m sorry oh holy SGs! Let me have good tiles. And will I will honor you all with Bingos and high-scoring words.

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