The Great Fall


Today is the first full day of Fall!

 The leaves might be starting to fall, the temperature is definitively starting to fall, and the days are getting shorter.

So how does one celebrate Fall? Well, you can climb a tree and ……

Seriously, here are some (free!) ways to celebrate with some friends;

Sept. 25th is Rosh Hashanah (hi to all my Jewish friends!)

Sept. 26th is Native American Day (hi to all my Native American friends!)

Oct. 4th is Yom Kippur

Oct.13 is Thanksgiving in Canada

Oct. 31st is Halloween

Nov. 11th is Veteran’s Day

Nov. 27th is Thanksgiving in the US

Or go to the beach (less people there in the fall), or a park, or a forest, or even a desert. Bring a picnic and enjoy a sunset.

Or you, or a friend, might even celebrate a birthday here.

Feel like spending a little money? Find a discount movie theater. Spend a little more on popcorn (which can cost more than the original ticket in a discount movie theater).

Or simply get out and exercise. You would be cooler in the fall and get in better shape. Just in time for Christmas, New Years, more birthdays, and everything else in the winter.

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