Also known as;

1) AQUA [Spanish and Latin]
2) WASSER [German]
3) EAU [French]
4) VODA [Russian]
5) NERO, HYDRO (prefix mostly) [Greek]
6) HIJKLMNO [H20, get it?]

When cold; ICE

When hot; STEAM

When completely surrounded by land; LAKE, POND, PUDDLE

When it completely surrounds land; OCEAN, SEA, LAKE, POND

When it moves on land; RIVER, STREAM, BROOK

When it moves among itself; WAVES, RIPPLE

When mixed with gravity; WATERFALL

When mixed with air; CLOUDS, DEW

When mixed with air and gravity; DRIZZLE, RAIN, SNOW, HAIL, SHOWERS

When we get too much; FLOOD, DELUGE

When we don’t get enough; ARID, DROUGHT, DESERT, and EMPTY SWIMMING POOLS

When we get enough, DRINK, SWIM, FISH, SPLASH, and SHOWERS!

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