Some names have been changed


I was my riding my bike recently. And was recalling this telephone conversation I had many years ago. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the incompetent.






Me: “Hi Nancy! Nice to hear from you again. What should I call you now that you are going to get married?”

Nancy: “Nancy”

Me: “I mean your soon-to-be last name?”

Nancy: “Nancy, to me”

Me: “Yes, I know your first name is Nancy. I’ve known you for years. What is going to be your last?”

Nancy: “Nancy, to me.”

Me: “Nancy, what is your last name?”

Nancy: “Peterson”

Me: “That’s your maiden name!”

Nancy: “That’s what you asked for.”

Me: “What is going to be your new last name?”

Nancy: “To me?”

Me: “Yes, to you and everyone else.”

Nancy: “To me?”

Me: “Nancy, please spell your last name”

Nancy: “P-E-T-E-R-S..”

Me: “I mean, please spell out your NEW last name.”

Nancy: “T-O-O-M-E-E”

Me: “Like Mel Torme’?”

Nancy: “Yes. Geez, Rob. You’re being difficult tonight.”


I’m glad we have email now!



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