At Play


On Saturday I had the opportunity to host the Orange County Chess Club (see


I posted this note on their web page  prior to the meeting.




This Saturday we’re meeting once again.

And I have a problem. While I’ve been able to memorize many chess openings, complete games and how to win a king and pawn endgames, I have a problem with names.

We have some new people and some people I haven’t see in a while. And there lies the problem!

How do I remember all your names? Help me out!

So here’s a project I know you will enjoy.

We’ll call it, Create a Remarkable, Original, and Winning, Naming System (CROWNS) It’s simple, easy, and fun. Here’s what to do:

(1) Grab some thick stock card paper, cut it into the shape of a square, a rook, or anything you might like. Use colored paper!

(2) Write your name, draw an image (or paste one) and be creative with your CROWNS. Make it easy to read, and most importantly, easy to remember. Be creative!

(3) Attach your CROWN to your shirt, blouse, jacket, pants, hair, or earlobe. Use paperclips, tape, bows, necklaces, strings, yarns, and attach it to you. And wear it on Saturday!




I’m not sure if like play chess more than creating. This past Saturday, I did both.

 Name_Tag_2 copy

I’ve recently returned to the water. No, I don’t mean I am de-evolving! I am swimming a few laps at the gym. Foot still hurts and wants to rest (see prior post about foot, “Running Towards a Goal”); the rest of the body just keeps going fine.

By the way, I love acronyms – as you probably can tell from CROWNing achievement above. Why the word CROWN? Remember, this is a chess club meeting. 😉

I’ll be posting some of my favorite acronyms on a later post.

French_1_Front_Cover copy



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