5 days till 50


I like to play board games. And sometimes the muses come to visit me when I am writing.

Here is something I wrote this morning. I like it.


A long time ago I was born in the Ides of the last in northern California. Way back in 1964

Yes, you read that right – I am celebrating my big 5-O five days from now. The Sunday, before the Monday, is our monthly OCBG meeting at the Duck Club. I’ll be bringing some extra food (probably Subway) to share and maybe even more.

I know it might be impossible to feed all you hungry souls and thinking makes you hungry. It is expected that there will be at least 80 people (yikes!) there. But I do ask, if I do bring Subway or any other foods, please limit yourself to one (uno, un, eins, unus, ichi, etc.) slice so more people have a chance to eat at least something semi-healthy.

Two more less critical requests. Say hi to me. I won’t be hard to find. And if you are willing, play a game of Dominion with me (it is still one of my favorite board games). I’m bringing my big set with many expansions.

Now I’ll return you to your usual Wednesday.

Rob Escalante

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