Seven Dates


All seven days of this past week have been wonderful. It’s been one week since my 50th birthday, and I have enjoyed the presents, my family and friends who came to see me and some of the surprises this birthday had to offer me.

Let’s start with some of the presents.

I found out some of the people I know really what I enjoy. Maybe it’s because I told them?

First, I received many Subway gift cards. I do enjoy their food. It’s fresh, delicious, inexpensive, and there is one within walking distance from where I live. Can’t go wrong with Subway! 😉

I also received peppermint bark. It’s a treat! I like anything that has the word “mint” in it. So I love peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint ice cream mint tea, and so on.

I also received a left-handed calendar, or at least the Left-Hander’s 2015 Calendar (I have no idea what a left-handed calendar would look like – does it start on December 31st and end on January 1st?)

Lefties are interesting, creative, imaginative, artsy, innovative, and they think differently than most other people. They have been described as weird, strange, a tool of the devil, and inspiring. And I am one of them. Guess that explains me. Thanks mom for not trying to change me!

I invited some friends to play board games and a potluck on the Sunday before my birthday. Most of them made – it took a physical injury to keep a friend away. Imagine that that – they were dedicated! My friends are awesome!

I am also running once again. I am up to 4.25 miles and working up some more mileage. It’s been a long time since I was in a run. So it’s time to get ready now (hill work is next). Note: I know getting back to running is not strictly a birthday thing, but it came around my birthday, so why not consider it as a birthday thing? 😉

It’s been a nice seven days (or seven dates on my calendar).


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