A Sign of Infinity


One of my friends posted a blog today about infinity, the symbol of infinity, and her views on both.

This is my version.


One of the many uses of the infinity symbol in mathematics is to denote an unknown.

One example of this is to divide a number by zero.

Use this example if you need to visualize this problem: 124/0=?

Computers can’t solve this problem and give us an error message. The solution seems to be large number if we could work it out. But we can’t!

Instead the infinity symbol is used. One might be able to claim that this cheating, or to make look like we solved the problem by pretending we balanced the equation. But the reality is we can’t solve it; we admit it, and the infinity sign is our admission of our inadequacy. We can’t solve it, not yet, maybe never.

Why am I mentioning this? Because as I get older, I have begun to appreciate the unknown. I wake up each morning knowing that I can create at least part of my unknown day and learn how to accept all the strange, unpredictable, weird, wonderful, and sometimes absolutely and truly bizarre, things that will crop up during the course of the day.

I don’t know everything. In fact I don’t even know some of the big stuff, like god, marriage or death. I am quite certain god doesn’t exist, but I am open to seeing someone performing a miracle. Levitation would be a start.

I don’t know if I will ever get married. I have been very close to a number of people, and even bought someone a ring.

And I don’t know why I am so damn lucky to have lived this long.

So, I believe and accept the unknown. I believe in infinity. And that is not a bad thing.


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