The son also rises


Thinking about this – I’m somebody’s son! Yeah! =)

But here is the main part of this post


Many times I have woken up in the morning with a solution to a problem or puzzle.

Other times I have woken up to CREATE a problem. I mean a chess problem or logic puzzle (geez!). Sometimes I create both. Here’s one from this morning.

Escalante, Jan. 6 2015

E_2015_small copy

White’s last move was a check on the queenside. Black stopped the check.

a) What was the piece that White used for the check?

b) Where did the check occur?

c) What square was the piece on before the check?

d) What rook can Black legally castle with?

I could give you the answers, but that would take away the fun. And it’s an easy one! 😉


Note: for those who might not know, this type of problem is known as a retrograde analysis problem. See – your vocabulary just increased!

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