Again, I have a friend who inspired me to write this. She knows who she is and I thank her once again.


The word that makes many run from the person uttering it.

It is not a frightful word, nor does commit one to something other just being truthful, honest, open.

There are some who might define Intimacy as Into Me I (or you) See. And there are others who might try to define it in precise, logical, and entirely emotionless terms.

But this is my post.

Here is my definition:

Intimacy is the sharing of an experience that is sensual, pleasing to the senses, or that draws people emotionally closer.

Intimacy can take many forms.

Here are a few. But today, being Valentine’s Day, I am sure you will think of more.

A touch
A soft kiss
A sweet caress

A hug
But please,
not a squeeze


An embrace
A light touch
A glance
at your young face.

Speak French
or any other.
Be as close as an inch
or shout from afar
Proclaim our romance.

A word
Softly spoken
My love to you
Will never be broken

Can we share a puzzle,
a dream?
Can we make a great team?

Can you hold my hand?
Do you understand?
Without words
just hold my hand.

One thought on “Intimacy

  1. Oops, missed this earlier! Luv the pome. Yes, agreed that there are various forms of intimacy that aren’t always sexual. Sharing is key. Being a bit vulnerable and open to something new. Having a friend/partner/lover who is doing the same. Result = FUN!


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