True story of a Sun lover


I am not a heliophilia but I do love the Sun.


Last summer we had some perfect warm and sunny weather. It was a delight to be outside.


One afternoon I had to do some shopping. Like I said, it was a wonderful day, and as usual, I walked to the local mall.


On the way back I took inventory of what I was carrying. I had a large book from the local used book store stuffed in my backpack and I was carrying a bag with bread and the usual food stuffs from the market.


I was approached by two young men both of them sharply dressed and perhaps a bit overdressed for the weather. They were both carrying small black leather bound books with lots of bookmarks.


They stopped me and informed me that they wanted to have a conversation with me. I put my bag down on the sidewalk.


There was nothing frozen in the bag so my food was safe from the sun. At least for the time being.


I said, “Sure! Who do you think are better, the Dodgers or the Angels?”


I got a puzzled look from them.


I added, “I do like baseball.”


The younger of them replied, “We want to talk about religion.”


I answered, “You know I’ve studied Buddhism, but I have a few questions about Zen.”


This time the older one spoke, “We mean Christianity.”


I answered, “Christianity has many sects.”


“Just ours.”


“Which is?”


(I have to admit I forgot they said.)


But this was my reply.


“OK, so you first wanted to talk about anything. Then religion. Then Christianity. Then your version of Christianity. Can’t you make up your minds what you want to talk about?”


“But we are here to spread the word. And to help people.” (Or at least words to that effect)


 “Being a Christian means to emulate Christ, doesn’t it?”


“That’s a start.”


“OK, Christ was compassionate; he was always helping people, even prostitutes, slave owners, and tax collectors. And I’m not sure which is worse of the lot.”


“But you guys didn’t even ask my name. Nor did you ask me how my day went. Nor did any of you two offered to carry my bag. You guys haven’t even started to emulate Christ.”


“We can help you now carry the shopping bag.”


I picked up the bag, smiled, and replied, “I got it.”


I continued to walk back home. I took one last look at both of them. The younger one again had a puzzled look on him, and the older one had a stoic, almost resigned, look about him.




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