10 Commandments for cats, and usually ignored


I have always enjoyed cats even when they want my attention when I am typing on my laptop.


To counter this action I made some rules for my pet cats a few years ago. Then I remembered my cats didn’t read English. I should have written them in CATANESE.


Here’s is my list of cat rules.







Thou shall not walk across the keyboard as sometimes you can type gibberish.


Thou shall not leap onto the keyboard for the same reason.

Thou shall not sit, lie down, or take a nap, in front to monitor as you are not invisible.


Thou shall not play, pull out, or chew on the power cables as they are not food or play toys.


Thou shall not sing the Meow song when human is video conferencing.


Thou shall not try to play with the moving images on the monitor as they are not real.


Thou shall not play with the computer mouse. It is not a real mouse.


Thou shall not lay captured mice, birds, fish, or any other pet or animal, living or dead, or any other gift, on the mouse pad. In other words, anything that is living, or used to be alive, is forbidden on the computers and assorted peripherals.  


Though shall be able to sit on human’s shoulders or feet, but not on his lap as that is where the computer is.


Though shall be able to make reasonable requests for food, water or play.



Happy birthday to a friend!!!! =)

Kitty lion

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