Fun at the Movies


My friend and I finally got a chance to watch The Kingsman last week.

First of all, it is an action movie that features English gentlemen with shooting umbrellas, exotic communication devices, people with exploding heads, and a sexy sidekick to the main villain who has a sharp personality (and when I say she has a sharp personality, I mean she really has a sharp personality). The movie may also set the record with most exploding heads in a single scene (but see below).

Despite the violence, the movie is incredibly funny and doesn’t take itself seriously. It freely borrows from other movies and TV series.

My friend and traded some email discussing some of the themes we noticed and thoroughly enjoyed. To let you know who thought about what, I made this key that may help.

H = Her (that’s my friend – she’s a female)

H=Him (that’s me – I’m a male)

All notes by H

007 Movies

“Romantic” ending = very similar to Bond endings, such as Moonraker and Spy Who Loved Me.

Psycho henchgirl = several Bond movies, especially Never Say Never Again.

The knife in the shoe was used in a scene of a 007 film. The main character in the scene remarked that they would have to find a poison that worked faster. And apparently it happened!

Star Wars trilogy

The princess in a cellblock rescued by the young, dashing hero

Shooting the bad guys in the airport hangar

Mark Hamill from the first three movies makes a brief experience.

Other movies

Comparing humans to viruses is from the Matrix.

Stabbing thru bathroom door is from the The Shining.

Misfit kid trained by cool guy who is also an expert in fighting is kinda like the Karate Kid

“Gentleman” motif is similar to Officer and A Gentleman.

Exploding heads from Mars Attacks! (but these were self-contained).

TV Series

The gentleman spy and crime fighter with manners and using an umbrella as his main weapon against the sun, rain, and evil men (The Avengers TV series).



A reference was made to the spy’s shoes originally having a phone inside (Get Smart TV series)

Black billionaire bad guy who appears good in public reminded me of Gus in Breaking Bad


Culling the population so rich peeps can have more Earth = every conspiracy theory!

Numerous operator names in the Secret Service are named after King Arthur legends (Lancelot, Galahad, Merlin, Arthur) and a large table exists for all them to sit, even it is just virtually. I only wished the table would have been round! =)

I may get go see it again. Just so I could write about again.

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