My ice-cream argument




This posting was inspired by a recent posting by my friend PL at LM.


I call this my ice-cream argument. I use it whenever someone suggests to me that their viewpoint, practice, belief system, or anything else they may follow, is the ONLY correct one and that everyone else should follow it.    


My favorite non-diet (read “junk”) food is ice cream, with mint chocolate chip and black cherry being the two flavors that top my list.


My fondest wish is to have these flavors on every shelf in every store so I wouldn’t have to look for them. No other ice cream should take up spaces that mint chocolate chip and black cherry flavors may occupy.


Ridiculous? Yes.  Preposterous? Of course it is!


Who am I to tell someone that their flavor ice cream is wrong? Who am I tell them they should eat ice cream in the first place? Maybe they are lactose intolerant. Maybe they have a phobia about milk. Maybe they know something I don’t about ice cream. Maybe they just don’t like the taste of mint chocolate chip, black cherry, or ice cream.


Whatever it is, I am sure they are making a choice that benefits them at least in taste, and may make them a better human being. Or at least a happier one.




One thought on “My ice-cream argument

  1. Good one! Well, except for the MCC and BC ice cream pics. I prefer Rum Raisin, Cookie Dough, Praline, and any kind of chocolate chunks with caramel swirly flavor, like Bear Tracks. I wish I had some here for breakfast!


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