Jumping for Joy


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It’s finally official. After decades of speculation, scientists have finally determined something that can forever change the world; Kangaroos are left-handed.

Not just some kangaroos, not just half of them, not just the majority of them, but 95% of them. Why is important? Because of these marsupial jumpers, handiness can no longer be used as a sign of the devil [unless all kangaroos are demons in disguise (or DID)], nor can left-handedness be considered sinister (well, then again, maybe all lefties are sinister in some way).

In any event, being left-handed is 100% natural, and in no way does a supernatural being or human beings, have a reason to discriminate or trod down upon, lefties.

This is great news for lefties. We are free to be creative in our art, music, and writings. We are free to be inventive. We are free to think in lateral and other non-linear ways.

If you meet a lefty, please congratulate them with a left-handed handshake [the official handshake of the Boy Scouts, which originated with Lord Baden-Powell (a lefty)]).

O, BTW, I’ve always like to skip and jump rope. Maybe there is a connection here…

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