Turning Points?


Some of you may know that I love baseball. Many of my articles here feature baseball and I’ve made some references to the sport in other articles.

But lately, I have not been following the sport as much as before. I still don’t know which side won the All-Star Game last Tuesday. For on that day, my friend A. and I traveled to Laguna Beach to visit the Laguna Beach Art Festival and the Sawdust Festival (which was literally across the street from the LBAF).

I had a blast. Got to make two small art projects, marveled at some of the exhibits, and even had had a delightful conversation with an artist about his incredibly beautiful hand-made glass chess set.

Walking is always good and we did plenty of that.

Now I knew the All-Star Game was playing on TV. And I didn’t miss it.

I don’t own a TV, and I don’t miss it either. For a number of years now I’ve been more interested in doing things instead of watching things.

The turning points have been in the making for years. My turning points are from baseball and TV to doing things that are more active, creative, social, and at least for me, more fun.

I like these new things. Why didn’t I do these things waaaaay before? 😉

Back to art.

One of the little art projects I did was to ink an image that I created using paper and a pencil to create the outlines. One thing to keep in mind is that many inking projects create a mirror image of the original. So it is in this case.

Now I am not a Picasso, nor will my artwork ever be shown in the Louvre. But I had fun, and I’ve always had fun in creating things. The following is my inking project, titled “Night Tree”. You saw it here first.

Night_Tree_1 copy

One thought on “Turning Points?

  1. Cool! I’ve been in movie-mode lately, but I don’t miss having regular TV channels. Every once in a while I peek at a series that my peeps recommend… it’s fine with me to get there late. But mostly I’d rather watch a movie or write a poem!


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