A Miracle?


The god of the Bible is not known to write too many things down. The only examples of his writing that appears in the Bible is him writing on a wall of King Belshazzar palace (see Daniel 5:5) and the 10 Commandments on two stone tablets, apparently twice (see Exodus 31:18 and 34:28).

Which is why I was surprised to see this example in Freethought Today, the monthly publication from Freedom from Religion Foundation earlier this year.

Bible_Author_01 copy

(In case you can’t read the red sticker on the red cover, it says, “SIGNED COPY”)

Now, one could claim that Almighty did autograph this particular edition of the Bible. It is not beyond his ability as he is all-powerful. I am just wondering what a Bible with the Almighty’s signature is doing in a used book store.

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