LH Day


Within a few hours we will celebrate International Left-Handers’ Day!!!

Lefties tend to be creative, artistic, funny, intelligent, cute, and loveable.

To show appreciation for your favorite left-hander, buy him (or her), dinner, ice cream, or a chocolate bar. 😉

chocolate_bar_reasons strawberry

If you are unfortunate enough not to personally know any lefties; I have updated and uploaded the Perpetual Left-Handed Calendar as well as the list of Famous Lefties. So you can lift a glass, and offer a toast to the great left-handers of the past and of the present.

If you wish to become an honorary left-hander on this day, all you have to do is to wave your left-hand. Or offer to shake hands (the left one of course) with another person. This is also the official Boy Scout handshake, in case you didn’t know that.

And if you just want to listen to music, that is OK too. I suggest the Beatles (50% left-handed) or the Everly Brothers (100% left-handed).


Calendar –> Calendar


Famous Lefties –> Famous

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