In Search Of …


I have always had relatively healthy diet. However, there is at least one unhealthy staple that I am still drawn to. This is a story of that staple.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, my dad took me and my siblings to McDonalds. I was daunted by the size of the Big Mac and could not hold in my small, tiny hands.

I don’t remember how I ever ate it – I just remembered that I did. I think I took off the top half of the hamburger, ate that first, and then chewed the bottom half.

I also think I might have had a stomach ache at the end. In fact, I am almost sure I did.

But I grew up and found other delicious, cooked, and sometimes unhealthy, food to satisfy my growing body.

MacDonald’s faded into the background. I am eating healthier and I don’t miss it.

However, there is one thing I did notice about MacDonald’s Big Mac over the years. It has gotten smaller. Much smaller. I think this as symbolic episode of what I am searching for.

In my teen years I ate a lot of meat – and that includes hefty and meaty hamburgers and my favorite burger place was Burger King. Yes I was carnivorous, an omnivore, and as teen-age boy, I could eat everything that was edible and not gain weight. But as the years went by I ate less hamburgers, not so much for the sake of dietary concerns, it just that I was exposed to other foods as my world expanded.

Most people would agree that moving from a meat diet is a healthy thing to do. And I agree. But every now and then, I get the urge for a large, juicy, well-done hamburger.

And here is the problem. Not only are MacDonald’s hamburgers getting smaller, but so are all the other hamburgers at all the other outlets.

In addition, MacDonald’s doesn’t have too many locations in the OC area and there are no plans I know to build new outlets. The next bigger franchise, Burger King, closed a facility in HB last year. And Peewees, a small outlet serving large, delicious hamburgers, also closed last year. Where does one find the formerly widely available big burgers? Even if I can’t or won’t eat them whole, or at one sitting, I still want them!!

Oh, how I miss my large, satisfying, juicy, meaty, and unhealthy food staple!

Hamburger 04

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