Arthritis has always run in my family. I seem to have gotten it earliest (starting in my mid 30’s) and have it the most severe. Sometimes the worst part is knowing I have it.


It is not painful. Most of the time.


I was at a used book store last night and standing in line to buy a small little book on rhyming words. The woman in front of me had problems completing her purchase of four CDs. First, she didn’t have enough cash. Then her credit card was declined. So then she tried to split the purchase paying part of it with the cash and the credit card. Again, her card was declined for the lesser amount. Poor woman!


She eventually decided two buy only two CDs, leaving the other two at the store.


Then it was my turn.


The total price for my one book came out to $1.08. I opened my wallet and gave the cashier a $1.00 bill. I then tried to reach into my pouch to get my small coin bag to get the remaining eight cents. And …  ouch! The arthritis in my middle joint of my middle finger didn’t like bending at that point and a short but sharp pulse of pain shot up to my brain. Oh – that did hurt!


I told the cashier. “I’m sorry. I have arthritis”.


She replied, “It’s OK”.


I said this in a relatively calm voice, but I felt like screaming, “IT’S NOT OK!!!”


Let’s repeat this,


“IT’S NOT OK!!!”

“IT’S NOT OK!!!”

“IT’S NOT OK!!!”



Now arthritis is not a terminal disease. But knowing I have it also means I know it is not going to get better, only worse. And if I want to achieve some goals in running, or any other athletic activity, I have to hurry as the clock is ticking against me.






A good reason to live
something to believe
I’m at three-two-five!



  1. My mom had it and I do too. I’m “lucky” in that I’m already 54 and only recently have started to notice that it really bothers me. Last night I was coloring and my hand cramped up so bad I couldn’t straighten my fingers. Icy Hot helps me a lot. I use it on my hands and shoulders.

    Owie ow ow!


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