The best player and the angriest person I have never met.


This posting was meant to be uploaded for Sept. 1st. But trying to describe, let alone figure out a person, without doctorate in Psychology is difficult at best, and more than likely, impossible. But this task would also seem to be impossible even if one has a PhD in psychology. See below.

Bobby Fischer won the US Chess Championship at the age of 14 (the youngest to do so) and won every US Championship he entered. He won the 1963/4 US Championships with a perfect score (11 straight wins), the only time this has occurred.

He became a Grandmaster (GM) at the age of 15 (and again the youngest to do it at the time).

During 1970 and 1971 he made his final run for the World Championship. At one point he won 20 straight games against the world best including 6-0 shutouts of GM Taimanov and GM Larsen. This represents a performance rating of at least 3100, a performance rating that no one has reached since.

In 1972 he finally played in the World Championship. He lost the first two games of the match (including one loss by forfeit), then rallied back to win 6 ½ points out of the next eight games (5 wins, 3 draws).

On September 1st 1972, Fischer won the World Championship.

Despite all of these accomplishments, Fischer had personality and psychological problems that prevented him from having a social life or enjoying his accomplishments.

He had shown signs of the problems during his early teen years that were to plague him for all of his adult life.

After his World Championship victory, he became increasingly distrustful, angry, paranoid, and both anti-Semitic and anti-American.

There have been conferences trying to figure out Fischer and reasons why he became self-destructive. There have been no consensuses or conclusions.

International Master (IM) Saidy, who played Fischer many times had this to say about Fischer, specifically about an incident during the 1972 World Championship, but is applicable to describing his overall behavior.

“The only who knows is Fischer. And maybe he doesn’t know either”.

There is but one video of Fischer smiling, laughing and indeed having a fun.

See link below.

Later his month there will a new film coming out on Fischer. It’s titled Pawn Sacrifice and I’m going to watch this film. What I will see I don’t know  (yet).

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