Silly Signs


Sometime I just get confused with signs.

Earlier today I was at the swap meet. And I noticed a sign that proclaimed in big, bold letters, “Big Shoe Sale”.

The first thing I thought was, “Why would I want big shoes? I’ve never had big feet.”

It took me a couple of seconds to realize that they had a large quantity of shoes for sale.

I was over a friend’s apartment where they had a swimming pool for the residents. The sign bolted on the locked fence said, “Only swimming attire allowed in the pool”.

So are the residents supposed to just throw their swimming attire over the fence? It should make for a very interesting “pool party”.

But this is not a new occurrence for me.

When I was a kid, I had to walk to school. There was always a nice person on the corner of a busy street who held a sign. One side said “Walk” and the other side said “Stop”. This was easy to understand and follow for a young kid like me.

Later on, they got rid of these nice people and installed a traffic signal The lights blinked either “Walk” or “Don’t Walk”. Does that mean I have to run to get to the other side? It sort of makes sense as cars are racing across the intersection. Confusion!!

Later on, when I was a young teenager in JHS, I had to pass by a large sign by a gas station. That one said, “For traffic violator school, call, (213) XXX-XXXX”

Now why would I need to go to school to learn how to violate traffic laws? I assumed it be an easy thing to do. I pondered this question, one I still remember today. If someone needs to go to school to learn how to violate traffic laws, what in the world are they doing driving a car?

Now as an adult I drive. And I see more silly signs than before.

Examples like,

“Road wet when raining”. Can it be anything else but wet?

“Watch for tornados”. Like you can miss a tornado?

And in Huntington Beach, within 1 mile from the beach, you’ll find these signs scattered about.

“In a case of a tsunami, seek higher ground”. As opposed to what??

Here are some other silly signs I found on the Internet.


Then again, you are assured of heaven.


Just how are they going to collect the money? Visit heaven?


Another misleading sign for a swimming pool. Or maybe not.


Dyslexia time!


You can’t go forward, you can’t go backward, you can’t go left, you can’t go right. Sounds like a bad rendition of the Hokey-Pokey.

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