Last Sunday I learned how to play EUCHRE. It’s a card game with two teams of two players each and one player starts the game by defining a trump suit. One interesting aspect of this game is that half the deck is not used; the players only use the Ace, 7-10 numbered cards and the face cards. That’s right, in this game all four players are playing without a full deck.


Two weeks ago, I finally broke down and bought myself a smart phone. It’s an elegant cell phone that allows me to check my email more readily, to navigate the web, keep up with the news, and even make a phone call. It even has a clock, a timer, a calendar, a calculator, and even a GPS locator so at least we know where the phone may be (but not necessarily the user).

I downloaded the Words With Friends (WWF) app, and I love it. Now it’s even easier to run up some high scores. But can’t brag here – there are many players who are just as eager to run up their scores as well. And they’re better than me in doing so! 😉


Zynga (the company that came out with WWF) also has a chess app., which I downloaded almost immediately. Now I have an infinite number of inexperienced players to play against. Winning is of course fun, but I need and want some players who won’t let me win so readily. Otherwise I can get lazy about improving my game.


I went to the credit union today. They had sent me an email telling me all the wonderful things about their new app. And they offered to install it free on my phone.

So I walked up to the front desk and they did all the work. The app. got installed and all then they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They offered to show me how make a deposit by taking a photo of a check by providing me with a check worth exactly one dollar. Free money!

I just had to log onto my account and then take a photo or two. That’s where the problems began. There was a problem with their Internet server, which didn’t allow me to first log in. It didn’t like my password. It took about 20 minutes for them to solve that problem.

And then I took the photos to add the $1 check to my account. I thought I took good pictures. But then their server had other problems and I could not use the photos. Instead I was logged out and the pictures disappeared. Back to square one.

To make this story short, it took them just over an hour to figure out why their much advertised app. couldn’t communicate with their Internet server. But persistence sometimes pays off and I did end up with a dollar more in my account.

I would still like to test this system. Does anyone have a check? 😉


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