It Can’t Be Jealously!



Since I was pre-teen (yes, many, many years ago), I’ve always love to ride my 10 speed, and later, 12 and 20 speed bikes. I have ridden my bike to the store, to the movies, to the park, to the beach, on green grass, on the sidewalk, on the street, to high school and college, and most places where cars can’t go.

It’s fun to have to the sun warming you from above, and the wind weaving around you. And with a backpack you can go anywhere and stay out all day, if you are lucky enough to have a free day.
Many of my bikes in the past have been racing bikes, meant for speed and distance.

I’ve had a few accidents along the way. A few falls, flat tires, and even had some mean drivers hitting my bicycle (and while I was still on it!). So I’ve been cycling more slowly and taking in the beauty I might have missed in the past.

A couple of weeks ago I was I cycling in Huntington Beach on a warm Friday afternoon. I was coming to a red light and I slowed down. A young man in his early 20’s speedily passed me by and stopped at the signal. He was riding a brand new bicycle and I met him met at the corner a couple of seconds later.

His bike was in mint condition. It was 20 speed bike with 28 inch wheels (the size used for racing bikes), and completing this marvelous display of engineering was the jet black color of the frame. It screamed “SPEED” and I, at least for the moment, fell in love with his bike.

I asked him where he got his wonderful bike. He said Main Street. For those of you who don’t know, Main Street is located just across the street from the actual being in Huntington Beach and is the local hang out for people in their teens and twenties (“TAT” if you want an acronym). You can buy surf boards, beach clothing, bicycles, and fast food. There is even a surfing museum and a local art studio.

Back to the story.

So then I asked him how much did he pay for his bike. He, in a mix of pride and embarrassment, said he didn’t know – he won in in a raffle.

The light had just turned green and we rode off in our separate ways.

Was I jealous about his bike? No, it was just an admiration of his bike.

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