Thank you for the being early


When asked when my birthday is, I usually tell them it’s the ides of the last, or December 15th. This year I got some early birthday surprises.

One is my friends, PL, took me out for a dinner and gave me a beautiful pendent  that reflects the light in various colors (she knows like such simple small things). She also gave me a wonderful and humorous birthday card (where does she find such things??)

 001 copy

 [Inside of the card reads “No need to thank me – that’s just the kind of friend I am!“]


But humorous cards are apparently not limited to individuals.

 Here is a card from my employment agency.

 002 copy


 [Inside of the card reads “…but we won’t tell.“]


And finally, here is a card from another friend of mine, BL. He, by the way, is tall, big, hairy, and often refers to himself as “BEAR”. Anyway, here is his card.

003 copy


 [Inside of the card reads “Actually, who cares what THEY say? Do THEY have a name? Did THEY care enough to get you a card? NO! …“]


Interesting to note is that fact that all three cards contain images of sweets on the front (two cupcakes and part of a cookie). Do the card companies actually think that birthday people like sweet things to eat? Well, they are right!  =)



To my friends, some listed here, some I’ve known for a just a short time, some it seems like forever, some I’ve confided in, some I’ve experience life, the many who have challenged me and helped me explore and expand my life, and all others, too many to mention, I thank you. I can’t imagine why you like me. 😉



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