Scale problems?


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I’ve always been on the skinny and slender side. Despite the fact I eat every day (and usually more than the recommended dosage of calories) my metabolism is still running (too?) high. I know this may sound like a dream to those who are committed to losing weight, but it can be frustrating as one has to deal with over-inflated grocery bills, shop for 29 inch pants (hint, they don’t make them), and watch for uncovered manholes when running.

My adult weight has the upper limit of 140 pounds. If it gets about 135 pounds, I need to eat. This is fortunately an easy thing to do.

How much weight can I lose in a day?

Well, I ran about 4 miles on Friday, and my weight on my digital bathroom scale read 138.5. So far, so good.

On Saturday morning I rode my bike to the Goldenwest Swap Meet. I must have lost some weight during my ride but then I was off to a birthday party and consumed ravioli, chicken, potatoes, peanuts, fruit, bread, and two large slices of cake. Now somewhere I must have gained back the weight I had just lost.

Which brings us to Sunday morning. I stepped on my scale and waited for the numbers to stop flashing. The big blue display read 112.9. What?! How did I lose more than 25 pounds on a single day? I even had cake!

I know losing 25 pounds in a day is a dream of weight watchers and anorexics, but that would also mean I NEEDED to eat! Problem was that I wasn’t hungry.

So I stepped on the scale again. This time it read 110.0 pounds. Ok, now this is heading into fantasy. I can’t lose 25 pounds in a day and I can’t lose 2.9 pounds within 30 seconds. It’s impossible!

Figuring the scale had some malfunction, I ran off to play some board games with friends. I made sure I ate some food (just in case), made several good (or bad, depending on your viewpoint) jokes, and generally had a good time. I came home late last night.
This morning I’m back up to 140.


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