I remember the Saturday morning cartoons. They were for the most part, simple, slapstick comedies with the characters resembling cardboard both in body and character development. The humor was there, but my interest waned as I got older.

But, and I am happy to say, the animation (no longer cartoons) became more sophisticated, intelligent, and overall, more entertaining.

I was over my parent’s house for Easter. It’s a tradition. I also a have a niece, who is 10 and is just beginning to really understand the world.

Yesterday (Saturday) I had the opportunity to relax and get away from the art of shopping , filling eggs, and doing some writing on my laptop.

I don’t own a TV nor do I watch it much. But I do sometimes watch it when I’m at my parent’s house. I got lucky while surfing the channels. I managed to catch the very beginning of ICE AGE – CONTINENTAL DRIFT. It’s an animation featuring a wooly mammoth, a saber toothed tiger, a sloth, and other animals defying a category, living in prehistoric times (Hey, this is fantasy; where anything is possible).

The animation starts off with an absolutely nutty explanation of what caused Pangaea to break apart millions of years ago. The comedy in this small segment promised this would be a crazy, fun, and thought provoking movie. And it delivered on that promise.

Now my niece laughed at the slapstick and I loved the many references (called them Easter eggs – hey, it was Easter time!) to Brave Heart (Wallace, in case you didn’t know), Greek mythology, Atlantis, the Statue of Liberty, Easter Island (there’s another reference to Easter!), and other fun stuff, like how giraffes got their long necks.


********** POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!!! **********

But the selling point was the absolute crazy way the movie retold the story of Odysseus. It had sirens, a husband trying to get home (on a ship, in the sea), a wise and intelligent wife (think Penelope) who was being pursued by evil primate (Ok, The Odyssey had multiple human suitors, but you get the point), and both the hero and villain had help from the sea (think Poseidon and the other Greek gods).

********** POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT ENDED **********


My niece laughed at the slapstick and I laughed at the many references to mythology. Curious, my niece asked me why was laughing. I asked her if she read The Odyssey or knew what sirens were. She said no (well, she is only 10). But then I thought, “What a great way to present mythology and literature!” So made the point of introducing, briefly, to my niece: Sirens, Odysseus, his journey home, and even Atlantis. And she was interested in such stuff. I didn’t know. She is growing and will face many more wonders as she gets older.

I absolutely love the movie! Recommending it to everyone who enjoys classical mythology, or even just slapstick .

There are, depending how you counting, 4 or 5 movies (“animations”, if you choose) in this franchise. I am tempted to watch all of them. Netflix anyone?


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