It Figures – or a Getting a Little Help From My Friends


I’ve been out of practice for about five years now. What I mean is that I haven’t done something in years and I am out of practice. So this last Sunday (4-3-2016), I drove to an art class and did what I loved to do, and still do.

Of course, I mean figure drawing. I drew the figure quite a bit it when I was in college, and even years afterward. I enjoy the challenges it presents to my mediocre art talents.

Now art classes like this tend to draw (so to speak) artists of all ability. And for the most part, they are respectful and are willing to help if asked. Opinions are good, varied, and sometimes even welcomed, as they can provide insight into a problem or how to make the drawing even more interesting and inviting.

I keep saying “drawing”, but about half the people there painted their masterpieces. I don’t have anything against oils, but it is easier to clean up charcoal, pastels, and graphite than oils, wet brushes, and turpentine.

Back to the original point. We had three hours to paint or draw the reclining figure. Now, I have not drawn seriously for years, so it was a challenge to start once again. I had to redraw the figure at least once and took some time getting back into practice. It’s not a bad drawing, but it’s definitely not one of my best. That will take some time.

When I got home I scanned the drawing and got some help from PhotoShop. That image is given below. Hope you like it! I’ll probably be drawing some more fun stuff later!


PS: One of my friends suggested I name my drawing. OK, I can do that! Let’s call this one, “Island”.


Island copy

By Rob E.

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