This posting was originally scheduled for Thursday. But I felt it more important to say something about Prince. Plus it gave me an extra day to edit the following post.



This morning (Thursday) I had to drive my white Mazda into the driveway. It was street cleaning day and I didn’t want to get a ticket.

Now, the sun is out and its morning. Which means my wits are sharpest and my mind is at its strongest (note to anyone who wants to challenge me to a game of chess – your best chances are in the afternoon or at night).

But even if I wasn’t so alert I don’t think I would have missed what I saw. At the top of my white car was a white egg shell. And it was still slightly moist.

Now you don’t have be a genius to figure what this misplaced item might mean. But where there is an eggshell, there must be the inside of an egg somewhere nearby. And sure enough, there a yellow stain down the side of the car. I looked around the car for more evidence of this yellow plague. As far I could determine, the damage was from no more than two eggs.

I drove my lovely, slightly old sports car to the car wash. Fortunately, the ballistic assault on my car just occurred that morning. Which means that was easy to remove. The yellow left my car and I am happy.

But who would do such a thing? I know the answer is probably some pre-teen or teen males. But I still have another question. Why? What drives people to TP a house, egg a car or house, spray paint a bridge or building, or otherwise commit vandalism? Even as young boy, this did not interest me. Or at least I don’t remember being interested in it.

Which brings up this question. Was I ever so mean-spirited to want to do these things? IDK, as my friend would say. Confused maybe? Scrambled?


2 thoughts on “Scrambled?

  1. IDK! People are idiots. Maybe we should sentence them to chess camp. But I’m really glad you wrote this post, because I had to move my coffee cup to type the response, and when I did I saw the headache pill that I obviously had not taken. I was sitting here wondering why it had not started to work yet, and now I know why. Thank you for helping!

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