OCTOPUS (ES, OCTOPI, OCTOPODES) [n. A sea-dwelling nocturnal animal with eight arms. Note about OCTOPI: Grammarians got this plural wrong in the 17th century and the error has stuck with us ever since. The word is Greek in origin, not Latin.]

2 thoughts on “WWOD

  1. I saw you at Paula’s blog. I love words. I used to do a “new word” posting at my blog, but one of my “rules” was it had to be something I’d come across and didn’t know.


    • Hi Norma!

      The words I choose to use in WWOD are selected by following criteria;

      (1) They have an interesting etymology or history
      (2) They have surprising or amusing definitions
      (3) They are memorable in some context to me.

      In the last WWOD, the plural of octopus was debated at a work place. At that time, there was no Internet, and we didn’t know how to resolve the issue. One of our guys insisted that OCTOPI was the only correct plural of octopus. I had a feeling he was wrong but could not show him to be wrong.

      Thank you!


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