A need to speak out


Today I was reading about Trinity Academy (TA), a Christian High School in Wichita, Kansas. It seems they are making it a policy that the perspective students must sign and agree to being part of a family that attends a Christian church (no big surprise, although probably illegal), and be denied admission to the school or face expulsion from the school, if any member of their family is an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender).
Is this a hateful, anger-filled, discriminatory policy born of misguided Christianity? Of course it is!


Why should a student, of not even being of legal age, be punished for what an adult member of his family, or anyone else at home for that matter, not to be a church-attending Christian or of being another religion by choice? Why should a student of TA, be expelled, or not even welcomed in the first place, if a family member is also a member of LGBT community – which virtually all social scientists agree is the result of something genetic?


Aren’t they punishing the wrong people? If, in fact, any punishment is warranted?


Why should TA care? Are they educating the student or a family, or those living at home with the student? Whatever happened to freedom of religion?


Before you go around saying it is the parent’s choice to attend TA, let’s look at a few more facts.


Kansas, like so many states, is wrestling with the idea of student vouchers. Essentially this means that they state will help you financially if you wish to attend a private school.


See links below.







So far this latest round of voting on vouchers seems to be stalled. I say, the latest round, as it appears that this issue keeps coming up in Kansas and other states. Proponents claim that this giving a choice to families.


So it is not OK for the state to deny families schools, but it is OK to deny students at schools if it involves a god.


But there is no denial of educational services. All the parents need to do is to pay the tuition. They may have to go back to school, take another job, or be ready to start paying student loans even before the kids start college. They then can pay to send their child(ren) to school and learn discrimination by example.


If a student voucher bill ever passes, it would mean that the state is now paying for discriminatory policies in a private, Christian, school that forces its students to be Christian, and exclude anyone who is LGBT. Your tax dollars at work.


Christopher Hitchens was famous for saying, “Religion Poisons Everything”. I am now inclined to agree with him.

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