Five Word Speech


Last week, as you probably know, many schools had their graduations. There were plenty of specials available in the local sores. You could find wonderful deals, for office supplies, car tires, videos, tee-shirts, clothing, mattresses, (well, you know ….), and fast food.  And my dear friend, Ms. P, also told me that Saturday was National Hamburger day. Coincidence? If I know the food industry, probably not. 😉


One of my favorite radio station, K-EARTH 101, posed this question to their listeners; “If you could make a commencement speech, what would you say? What if you were limited to just five words?”


The calls came in. Most of them were affirmations, aphorisms, maxims, clichés, or truisms, of one sort or another. But some of them were real gems.


And I thought I could do even better. So here is my five word commencement speech.


{drum roll}








A five word speech! And getting most of everything I want to say. I feel proud of myself 😉




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