Sometimes you just can’t win!


Every year the City of Commerce in Los Angeles has a 5K run to celebrate Independence Day. Known as the Freedom Run, it features a relatively even running course.

Two years ago I ran this 5K.

I missed being in the top 3 in my age group as I was put into a younger age group. I suppose it was my fault to some extent. I did tell the person who as handling registration that my age group was wrong and I should be put into the next higher (older) group. What I didn’t do was to make sure she actually made the change. Maybe she got distracted, maybe she just forgot. Anyway, I still had a great time.

Last year, I ran the 5K again. I was doing very well and I am almost certain I was ahead of everyone else in my age group. But there was some confusion about the last two turns among some of the helpers who were directing the runners which way to turn.

Some of these helpers didn’t know if the runners should turn left at a certain intersection or the next one. So some runners actually ran almost ½ miles longer than others. I was one of those who actually ran almost 3.63 miles to complete a 3.1 mile run. So I lost again to being in the top of my age group.

This year, I made sure I was signed up for the appropriate group, made sure I made the right left turn, and I knew I did something that eluded me for two years. I finally came in first place in my age group with a pretty good time of 21:57. I love it!

But due to a snafu that seems to be following me every time I run this 5K, the actual medals for the main event didn’t arrive in time to distribute to the winners. Instead, the medals will be mailed to us in the next few days. The medals you see in the photos are from the kid’s event, given to us so the camera man could have something to shoot.



That’s me in the yellow. And yes, I was barefooted! 😉

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