Due to much overtime at work (lots of money and no time to spend it – and know you would really want to help me in this regard, but alas – I am still too busy) I haven’t written here as a much as I want.

I’ve noticed that once again I missed WWOD. Sorry I had to go running that day and just got a second computer (which will result in me having even less time).

So instead of making just a WWOD, I’ll try to make do with a Word Of the Week (WOW). That will give me a slightly more flexible schedule.

This week’s word is something I didn’t know until recently.

QUINOA (S) [n. A species of the goosefoot genus (Chenopodium quinoa), a grain crop grown in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, primarily for its edible seeds.]

I’m going to (hopefully) catch up some sleep tonight 🙂



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