A little of some little, but important things



Word With Friends (WWF) issued, for its Word of the Day, the word ENTERPRISE. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new Star Trek movie coming out today. 😉


Let’s celebrate! (And not just for the Star  Trek movie)

The answers to I Dream Of Jeannie trivia quiz has been posted. You’ll find the answers on the Fun PDF downloads page. Download it and see how many answers you go right. And if you have any IDOJ fans on FaceBook, you can also email them the quiz (just don’t tell them where they can find the answers! ;).



I finally got my graphics programs installed and working on my laptop. Now why couldn’t the Geek Squad install my programs? They kept saying the programs were incompatible with Windows 10.

Yet, a single person was able to something that a college-computer-educated team of seven could not do it? I don’t get it.


I finally get a little free time this weekend. Nothing to worry about. Time to get some ice cream. 😉



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