WOW (Word Of the Week)



What most people don’t know about me is that I used to study Karate and Aikido. Love them both, but had to give up these studies as I was just too busy with other obsessions. I am tempted to go back.

I learned quite a bit, and not just learning the punches, kicks, and throws. It gave me a sense of balance and control, and esp. with Aikido, not to deliberately hurt someone.

During the time I had the opportunity to learn some Japanese words. Not just counting in Japanese, but names of positions and concepts as well.

Below is one word such word. And while I don’t remember exactly it being a word from either Karate or Aikido, it may have been, or I might have picked it up from somewhere else.

Anyway, here is the WOW word.

SEIZA (S) [n. A kneeling position in Japanese martial arts]



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