For those of you who don’t know, there is a mobile phone app/word game titled Words With Friends (WWF). WWF is similar to Scrabble; its chief differences are, (1) the bonus squares are positioned differently than from Scrabble, (2) it uses its own dictionary, and (3) the bingo bonus is worth only 35 points (rather than 50 for Scrabble).

Every day WWF has its Word of the Day. In the past, these words seemed to be from their own dictionary. But app seems to have switched dictionaries and is now using words from

Today the Word of the Day is POTUS, which is defined as; [n. Short for President Of The United States (a code name used for the president, esp. by the Secret Service)]

POTUS is not a valid word for either US or UK Scrabble. Which is fair enough, some words that are valid in Scrabble are not valid in WWF and vice-versa. 

But POTUS is not valid in WWF either. Why include it then? Why imply it is a valid word?

Maybe I missed the memo that POTUS was added to the WWF dictionary and no one told me. If it is a valid word WWF, please let me know! Would love to keep up to date on the important issues of the day 😉

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