I recently signed up for a 10 Mile run in October in great old Huntington Beach.

This morning I did a practice run. My goal was to run 9 miles in 65 minutes or less. I had a great run, but missed my goal by one second. Yes, I finished my practice run in 65:01.

Sometimes it’s hard – lol! Maybe if I didn’t eat that last French fry or got an extra 5 minutes of sleep 😉

Anyway, here is the Word Of the Week (WOW).

RUN (RAN, NING, S) [n. (1) A footrace, esp. one that is at least 5 Km long. This would include human beings, horses, dogs, bulls, and hamsters. (2) An unbroken series of events, (3) A race between candidates for elective office, (4) The pouring forth of a fluid or liquid, (5) A point scored in baseball made by a runner safely reaching home plate after touching all the other bases safely, (6) A rip or tear in nylon or stocking, esp. one that is vertical, (7) The continuous period of time during which something is in continual operation, such as engines, machines, and factories, (8) A journey accomplished or route taken by a human using vehicles, animals, aircraft, or boats, esp. on a regular basis, (9) Unrestricted freedom or use; v. (1) To move fast by using one’s feet in which both feet (or all hooves) are allowed to be off the ground at the same time, (2) To cause to move quickly, (3) To flow, esp. of liquids, (4) To cause to perform, (5) To direct the business or activities of something, (6) To travel a course or route, esp. on a regular basis]


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