I have two major goals in running this year. One to complete a 10 mile run in HB on Oct. 16th. It’s at the beach, where I’ve always had a great time running.

Biggest problem is, of course, being able to run 10 miles.

So I am working on getting to that 10 mile threshold. Two weeks ago I ran a 9.3 mile practice run. And last week, 9.5 miles.

But today, for some reason, I could only struggle to 7 miles. I don’t know what but I suspected it was due to lack of sleep. Darn it! – I’m not 20 years old!

Oh! – where did all the youthful energy go? It must have gone the way of the dinosaurs (not that I am as old as the dinosaurs).

On the other hand, I did get closer to my other main goal; to run 500 miles, all barefooted. I just got to 350 miles. And I am happy about that.

Tomorrow is another day.




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