A Little Slow This Week


Every Tuesday night my friend Rick hosts a board gamers’ meeting at his house. He is a gracious host, providing popcorn, small chocolates, and a very pleasant atmosphere.

I have another friend who also likes to play board games. She and I carpool from Huntington Beach, and she also like to drive her car, which is something I don’t argue. =)

Last Tuesday we played outside on the patio. Since it’s getting darker now, there a bright light hanging from above so we could see what we were doing. Which attracted the bugs, the insects, and all other tiny annoying critters.

Some of these critters were flying, some were walking, some were hopping; all of them were being nuisance.

And some of them were of the biting type.

Now everyone there, except me, have white skin. Knowing that flying insects prefer light colored skin, I wasn’t too worried about getting bitten. And someone else will probably suggest going inside the house well before I even got close to getting bitten.

Well, as it turned out I did get bitten. More than anyone else.

And all of the bites were just below the knees. I couldn’t figure it out. Why me?

It took a couple of days before I figured it out. Then yesterday, it finally dawned on me! I had solved the problem! I was the only one wearing shorts. Ah! OK – maybe time to invest in OFF! Or maybe just wear some light jeans.


Below is a chart that will help you identify what insect is bothering you before you step on it (SQUISH!) or swat it (SMACK!)



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