Surf City 10 Mile Run


The Surf City 10 Mile Run sponsors the Self-Sufficiency Project, which helps out single parents who want to go college, either for the first time or return to college to help them (and their children) achieve a better life. I fully support what they do.

But that’s not the only reason I run in this event! First of all, I do enjoy running. I also love running on the beach [or in this case, on PCH, which is about 5-10 feet from the beach (close enough!)]

And the weather was cool. Perfect to run on the flexible asphalt!

I even had a few short conversations with other runners when I was passing them (or on the rare occasions when someone passed me!)

Oh! My time! I finished the race in 1:16:48, which is about one minute longer than my usual 1:15:48, but only because the course was longer than 10 miles. It was 10.25 miles – meaning someone really screwed up.

Anyway, despite (or maybe due to) the extra time on the course, I discovered something about myself. I really, really like running 😉

And  I did pass the 400 mile mark for running this year.







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