Sundays, Run day, Fun days


I must live in Paradise. The weather is usually good to run and I get to type on my laptops for my notes, blogs, and books. But back to running.

Sundays is usually the big day to run. There are less people on the street in the morning, there are less cars, and that’s the day most races are scheduled.

Last Saturday, Oct. 29, was an exception. The Whittier Spootakular Run, a 5K race, was held, in all places, in Whittier. I thought that was coincidence. But what do I know?


I felt great and finished in about the top 10% of all the race participants and eventually came in 7th in my age division. Slightly less than what I thought I was going to achieve. But I got on a video at the end of the race. So everything is going well in Paradise California after all! =).

However ….

When I tried to create a link to Facebook, that Facebook post disappeared. I had previously downloaded the video, so I tried to upload it. But WordPress can’t upload it as it’s in a format it doesn’t recognize (MP4). You’ll just have to take my word for it. 

Maybe there is someone who knows how to do this. So… if I know you, and you are smarter than I am in this regard, I might be able to post it here.

I did a 10K run this morning. With the slight overcast fog, it was a cool, smooth  and comfortable run.

And I also reached a mile milestone towards my goal. (see, everything is still going well here in Paradise California 😉






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