Looking forward to Thanksgiving



Every Thanksgiving we, meaning my family and I, take part in certain traditions.


We enjoy of course the turkey dinner, maybe see a movie (if there are any good ones that weekend), and generally relax for four days.


One of the more unusual traditions we have is to run the 5K Taco Mambo run held at high school that one of my sisters graduated years ago. Being held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, this running fundraiser (or is that “funraiser”?) helps out the Schurr Spartan H.S. band and can be a lot of fun.


What makes this run one of the more interesting and challenging of all 5K runs I’ve participated is that just under 90% of the run is set on hills. Lots of hills. Big and tall hills. No flatness. You run up seven hills and run down five hills, with the final uphill being towards the stadium where the race began.


It is exhausting, you have sore legs and afterwards you make a promise to yourself not to run it again. Until next year.


Note to all newbies who might run this course: Your pace will be at least a minute slower per mile on this course and make sure to have a bottle of Gatorade waiting for you at the finish line.


It is also, as I mentioned before, a lot of fun. This year, my sister and decided to make tee-shirts for all of us that will be running. Actually, I ended up doing the entire design myself. And I don’t mind this at all – I love to create!


Now, I’ve got to tell you, I am the fastest runner of my family, and I usually end up cheering those who cross the finish line (there is something about the runner’s high that makes one want to share it).


Anyway… I’ve decided to share my design here. It’s meant to be fun and a little silly. Take as such.






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