All of us were born right-handed. Only the greatest can overcome it. It’s a brain that is wired different than most other people (righties).


So is the story that we lefties tell ourselves. It’s an old idea. And well known. And it might even be true.


At least we are certainly different. Different and creative. Different, creative, and, we have to admit, a bit strange at times.


Sometimes righties can understand part of leftiness. But not experience it. Being left-handed is to understand the universal uniqueness of lefties amid the ubiquitous of the right-handed world.


We’ve had some lightly seasoned jokes. And we love them! Here are two of my favorites.


This one from 2012.





And this being perhaps my favorite as I love burgers more than Allen wrenches. It’s from 1998.




Now I have been a lefty since I can remember. That doesn’t make me an expert, but someone who is very experienced being a lefty in a right-handed world.


Some interesting and introspective facts about being a young (say, ages 5-10) lefty (I say introspective as I also identify with the following).


We are terrible at tying shoes. At least in our younger years.


We have, or have had, difficulty with words (spelling, meaning, comprehension, etc.). But that is partly due to that we can accept more than one meaning for a word and fail to understand what context it is being used. Sometimes still occurring in adulthood.


Speech problems are common. And common in adulthood too.


And one more important fact. We are much, much better in identifying other left-handers than right-handers (but then it’s probably at least due to searching for like-minded folks).


Research into left-handers is always going forward. It’s a fascinating subject. And no doubt as I look at the world through a different prism than most.


My sweet sister sent me this link. And most of what I thought or reasoned out in isolation turns out to be true. I’m happy to say that! =)


Here’s the link ->





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