Blame the Burrito?


I was sick for most of this week.


Problem was I was eating dinner with a friend on Tuesday night and I found myself ordering a breakfast burrito. Now, I didn’t pay attention as I engrossed in conversation, but it would have probably been the wise thing to do.

I am not certain if the burrito was undercooked or neglected from an earlier time, but I got sick the next morning.  I had a stomachache, a headache, my throat hurt, and my joints were stiff and they hurt as well.

My co-workers noticed this as suddenly I looked and walked like a 100 year old man. Well, maybe a 200 year old man (see below).

I had to leave work early on Wednesday and Thursday. And when I got home those two days, it was an immediate light meal (like chicken soup) and then off to bed. And tried to sleep and let this body clean and cure itself.

Today, I only had a sore throat.

When I was clocking out for the day and the weekend one of my coworkers, buried behind his computer and all the associated paperwork, said to me, “Don’t forget to take your medication!”

I smiled and then replied, “Don’t forget to take your medication is what you usually say to someone with a psych problem”.  I pointed to my temple so he more fully understood my point.

His smile was very visible behind all the paperwork.


Oh, and this slipped my mind until Google News reminded me!



SPARTACUS was the best!!!




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