Missing My Mouse


I finally found my mouse. Or at least it found me. It was just under my computer chair, just sitting there without a care of the world. I don’t know how it got there – I’m just glad he returned. He’s been my companion for a couple of years now, helping me without realizing it.


He was small enough to fit into my hand and didn’t make a sound (go for it – “like a mouse!”. OK let’s get back to it!)


He was tailless and I guess that made him more mobile.


Two weeks ago he left me. Didn’t say anything to me, nor left me a note. He just decided to do a little exploring as far as I could tell.


And I kept looking for him.


He was gone for over a week. Then he (or she, I don’t even know the gender of this mouse) made his unexpected return. There he was, just sitting there on unconcerned for my worries.


I picked him up and told him he was missed. He didn’t flinch, didn’t move, didn’t react. He was just there. That was good enough for me. And apparently was good enough for my lost companion.

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