The Cold Outside and Inside


It’s been cold outside!!! I’ve had to adapt to wearing long-sleeved shirts, and OMG, even had to wear shoes and socks! (And the world may be coming to an end.)

My barefoot running (BFR) total hit 476 miles on yesterday (Saturday).  Sad to say, but I don’t think I’m going to reach my goal of 500 this year.

Some of you remember I wrote about being sick last week (see “Blame the Burrito?”). I lost a week of running. About the time I got better the weather got worse. It changed from mild to very cold with a still colder wind. Coldness bothers me in that I become aware of all the places where the arthritis is in my body, but I can handle it and I do run and have a good time.

But with the wind chill factor it becomes even colder and running is not pleasant. And I didn’t want to make whatever remnants of my recent cold active again.

So stay home I did. To my utter disappointment and sorrow.

Anyway , I have about 23 miles to complete my goal and about 13 days to complete those miles. I don’t think I am going to do it.

So what am I going to do? Other than console myself with a large pitcher of orange juice, inside exercises, and do blogging and writing (books), I am going to take it relative easy, look for the small windows of opportunities to run, and laugh and love.

Beside, January 1 is just around the corner. Time enough to warm up inside, let the outside to do whatever it is going to do, and to make another set of goals. 😉




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