I’ve always enjoyed taking psych tests, just to see where I stand with the rest of the world. I know my IQ is higher than most, my creativity is probably off the charts, and that my two core values are compassion and knowledge.


Now it’s time to check for any OCD I might have.




I found this on-line test that supposedly can determine one’s level of OCD. I took the test earlier today. And hesitated to share my results.


But then I thought, it’s for the good of science and for all the psychologists who might otherwise have nothing to do for Christmas (excepting grading papers or wondering if a patient may just do something silly).


So here is the website.


Feel free to the test. and then I invited you to see how you and I might compare. My results are giving way below this link, so you can blissfully take the test.


Here is the link;






My results are given below.





You can check them waaayyy below





Don’t worry – it’s there




You just have to keep scrolling





Don’t give up





You are almost there





Keep going! 😉





Next line you’ll find it.





I promise.





Here are my results:





You are Borderline OCD – Approximately 70% OCD



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