Rogue One






This past weekend I saw Star Wars – Rogue One.




First of all, it was a little hard to figure out who the bad and good guys were. But eventually it all made sense.


This movie takes place just before the original Star Wars (1977) and the rebels (the good guys) are trying to steal the blueprints for the Death Star.


There are a number of references and “Easter eggs” to the original Star Wars, including characters from the cantina scene, holograms from the Millennium Falcon, and even the renaming of the original movie (“Star Wars IV – A New Hope”).


In addition, Rogue One also fixes a number of plot holes found in the original movie. The questions on why the Death Star has a fatal flaw and why the rebel fleet is in such a bad shape when it attacks the Death Star in Star Wars are addressed in Rogue One.


The CGI special effects team (or computer imaging, if you prefer) conjures up fantastic images in the fight scenes and the attention to detail is appreciated. The CGI also recreates, effectively and convincingly, at least three major faces from the 1977 movie.


I would recommend that you might again see the original Star Wars in order to more fully appreciate the hard work and attention to detail.


Or, just enjoy Rogue One.




PS – My favorite characters are K-2SO, an ex-Imperial droid (who is surly, and yet loyal), and Chirrut Imwe (a blind Samurai who has a command of the Force). Just something I wanted to share. 😉



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